Most Effective Exercises To Get Ideal Abdomen Shape

Have a lovely and flat stomach is the desire of every woman in this world. Identical flat stomach with sexy, beautiful and seductive. In terms of health, a strong stomach will help balance the body so as to prevent lower back injury and form good posture. Because it is very important to do abdominal exercises consistently (10-15 minutes, 4-5 times per week). In addition to getting a beautiful body shape, you also will maintain overall body health.

Get a flat stomach

The main secret of getting a flat stomach, shapely and muscular is degan treat the whole body as one complete unit. Therefore, do not be surprised if you have done hundreds of times but the stomach exercises flat stomach you dream never get. Because in reality, the abdominal muscles is not the biggest muscle in the body. That is, the body does not burn too many calories when you do abdominal exercises.

flat stomach

The secret of getting abdominal muscles that look toned and shaped is to do exercise to burn extra calories to lose body fat. Effective type of exercise is the path, cycling, swimming and jogging because this type of exercise involving the lower body, particularly muscles in the pelvic area, buttocks (area of ??greatest muscle and burn the most calories), thigh and calf. Burn more calories tantamount to burn more fat. Exercises for back and shoulder strength also helps speed up the metabolism is very important in the effort to reduce levels of body fat.

In essence, your abdominal muscles will tighten and be obvious if the levels of fat in the body low. Routines in the lower body exercise can help you shape the stomach.

Most people would do sit ups to reduce fat in the abdomen. But do not be surprised, because a study showed that sit ups are not the best exercise to get flat stomach and strong. Here are 3 most effective exercises to get ideal abdomen shape :

Bicycle maneuver :

Bicycle maneuver

1. Lie with your back flat on the floor, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

2. Place each hand on the side of the head with your fingers just behind the ear.

3. Encourage your lower back into the floor to straighten the curved part of the body and hold.

4. Lift your knees up to form a 45 degree angle and slowly move your legs like a bicycle pedal.

5. Touch your left elbow to right knee and right elbow to left knee in a slow and controlled movement and by extending each leg every do loop.

6. Breathe in flat throughout exercise.

7. Perform 20-30 repetitions (up to 3 sets).

Captains Chair :

Captains Chair

1. Sit on a chair and hold the seat or the handle of the chair to stabilize the upper body.

2. Emphasize your back towards the back of the chair and contract the abdomen to lift both legs and raise your knees toward your chest.

3. Do not arch your back and remember to breathe gently and slowly.

4. Then lower slowly and repeat 12-16 times.

Crunch on exercise ball (the ball) :

Crunch on exercise ball

1. Lie face up with putting the ball under the back of the middle or lower back.

2. Put hand in front of the chest or place it on the back of the head.

3. Contract your stomach to pull the body down the ball, by pulling the base ribs down toward your hips.

4. When youre curled up, keep it for the ball to remain stable (you should not roll over).

5. Lower back down, tense your stomach muscles, and repeat up to 12-16 times.

Do this exercise regularly, then you will get a wonderful shape of the abdomen. Do not despair so easily?


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